Reclaim your space

A stylish and comfortable bed that gives back your usaeble space. Easy to use on a daily basis, with a simple counter-weighted mechanism.


Reclaim your space

Next Bed Euro Wall Bed is quick and easy to assemble. The Next Bed can be mounted free of any cabintery.




    Highest quality, 100% accurate, DIY flatpacks made in Australia using Australian made boards and laminates.

  • Stylish options

    Easily blended into any decor. Multiple colour and configuration options allows seamless integration into any room.

  • Effortless operation.

    Perfectly balanced = requires minimal effort to raise and lower a WallBed.

  • Ready in seconds

    WallBeds are kept fully made up with all linen, etc . Just lower and hit the hay.

  • Optimize your space

    Convert spare bed room(s) into a utility room, a home office, a kids rumpus room or a hobby room.

  • Limited only by imagination

    Integrate into almost any room - mount a TV or add our foldaway study desk , perfect for AirBnB and small studio apartments

Think about this…

most of us have a spare/guest bedroom that gets used a few times a year ? The rest of the time that space is largely unusable…enter the WallBed . A full size, proper bed that is folded into the wall when not needed. Now your spare room is a utility room, a kids play room, a home office, a study ?  YET in a few seconds a comfy, ready made bed can be lowered from the wall ….

With space at a premium in many Australian homes, people are looking for new ways to enhance their lifestyles and a Wall bed is a cost effective solution. Why renovate or move to get more room when you can simply fold your bed away and get the space you’re after? Any room can become a bedroom with a wall bed and most people would never guess it was there. Ditch the blow up air beds, or notoriously uncomfortable sofa beds and invest in a WallBed, your guests will thank you 🙂



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